CRM program

The most important CRM tools.

CRM program has a lot of useful features to facilitate and speed up daily contact with customers of the company. The CRM system is very powerful and has a useful tools.

The most important tools of CRM include:

SFA (Sales Force Automation)

It is a very useful tool especially for companies working in the commercial industry. It allows to quickly check inventory of our company, control the amount of orders, check sales forecasts, control the work of the team. Thereby the company also works much faster and can carry more orders.

Call Center

The tool accelerates the contact between the client and the company. CRM program monitors incoming and outgoing calls. Allows you to make phone calls and manages the calls management.

Contact Center

Contact Center is an advanced version of Call Center. It includes, among other things multifunctional: e – mail inbox, video calls, chat, fax. This tool allows the distribution of contacts with clients based on their priority and type of consultation. Thanks to this application we can get through to the appropriate employee or consultant in the company.

Knowledge Management

It is a tool for grouping official and unofficial information about the company. With this application we have fast access to information about the industry, and we can freely control accounting, business accounts, etc.

Campaign Management

Thanks Campaign Management tool we can quickly and efficiently conduct effective marketing campaigns.

Lead Management

The application makes it easy to learn new, important for business contacts.

Key Account Management – managing key clients

Through this tool you will establish contacts quickly and send important information to major customers of the company.

Key Account Management – management of promotions

The application allows for broad, successful promotional activities. The company gains the trust of new people.


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