CRM Applications

The new quality of relations with customers through CRM applications. CRM is a multi-functional, modern software for improving and coordinating relationships with clients. Through CRM applications we have the ability to quickly and easily store all the address data of contractors. The program allows you to create convenient groups of permanent and temporary clients. It also allows a quick overview of current customer transactions and completed projects. Seamless view order history allows companies to better understand and anticipate the expectations and desires of customers.

CRM program also enables for extremely fast flow of information between the customer and the company. Special software tools allow you to send e-mails and text messages with the current offer and news of the latest promotions to your customers. The software allows you to divide address data on temporary and permanent customers. Such division can be determined by RFM and LTV analysis and profitability analysis on your clients. As a result, executives can prepare for the most loyal customers special offers.

The CRM system allows you to regularly check payments from customers. If the contractor is late in paying for a product or service the program will sent an automatic reminder and request for payment. If the customer does not regulate the payment, the company may resign from further cooperation. CRM applications are necessary in virtually every industry. Properly selected software affects the quality of work of the company, and thus a good review of a large number of contractors.


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