mini CRM

MINI CRM – a useful application in the daily work of the company.

MINI CRM is a very useful application.

It helps many companies in daily functioning. Just now without the need to install it on your computer, you can try it absolutely free of charge on a special website.

MINI CRM – lots of useful features.

Comfort and convenience.

MINI CRM have a lot of useful features. CRM program allows, among other things:

  • Monitor all company activities
  • Freely conduct advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Providing fast and secure transaction
  • Hassle-free contact with customers
  • Save your important business contacts with the division to include: permanent and temporary clients
  • Check the sales forecasts
  • Instant assigning tasks to employees the company
  • Fast and error-free writing out invoices and important corporate documentation.

MINI CRM – Why is it worth to try?

MINI CRM is a fully free trial version of CRM software. The program does not have all the features and is stripped of tools, but very facilitates the work the company even during the trial period. A trial free version allows you to try out the possibilities of the program and the decision to purchase the full version of the software. The program should be tried out especially by small and medium-sized companies, who fear the high costs associated with the purchase of the entire version. When you use the free version of CRM you can always seek professional advice from an expert who thoroughly and in detail explains how to use the program, and explains all the doubts that may arise while using the program. Advice of a specialist helps to better understand the mechanisms of operation of the CRM system.


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