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The CRM system – great sales support.

The CRM system has many features and applications useful in conducting extensive commercial activities. An essential tool of this type is the application of SFA (Sales Force Automation). The program allows you to automate all business processes and sales. With the SFA we can:

Contact with customers

The tool makes it easy to quickly find a customer in the database or a group of customers and contact them instantly.

Freely provide information about the offer

The application gives you the ability to send through a variety of channels latest sales offer, and news about all the changes in the company. We can send information directly to all persons in the database or selected by our criteria.

Analyze the situation on the market

Analysis of the situation in the market through the CRM system allows a better understanding of market mechanisms and the demand for specific products. With this knowledge we can offer our customers a package of goods and services ideally suited to their needs.

View the history of transactions

It is a very useful feature if you have regular customers. By browsing order history we can check what products are most requested by customers. This allows us to better determine services and choose features to be included in the product.

Check availability

By checking availability we can find out which products are most often bought by contractors. With regular checks, we know what products are sold and which are missing in the store.
SFA application is must-have tool for any company that wants to operate smoothly and seamlessly.


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